Empanada is my favorite snack. Almost everyday I’m looking for this. You can find it at a bread or coffee shop. 

In other country is known as panada or pastel.

From my experience, this is the best empanada I’ve ever tried. There are filled with meat, chicken or cheese. 

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My Room My Homestay 

This is my first homestay, in a complex area which is guarded by security. The place is in the middle of city, 10 minutes walk distance to bus stop (transmilenio). My room was roomy with wifi and share bath room. Served meals twice a day (breakfast+dinner) and i can use the kitchen. The cost was taken 1,216mil for a month. A little bit expensive for me. Stayed with a granny and a little bird, remind me to carton aboint tweety bird and a granny. But too bad no sylvester around 😉

My First Dinner at Bogotá

This was my first dinner at Bogotá, homemade by my house-parent.

A bit surprise because it served too much, rice with chicken, salad also a lot of potato chips (appearance look like french potato).

The interest thing is rice, tasted greasy (oily), which different with rice in my hometown. Hm..added one spoon of pepper was a best choice cause there is no chili here beside chili sauce. Buen provecho!